Frequencies in the products

528 Hz  (Tranformation and Miracles) - It helps repair human DNA and keep it in the best condition. It can also lead to transformation and miracles of our life.

174 Hz - Removes pain physically and energetically.

417 Hz (Facilitating Change) - Eliminates negative energy from our body and promotes energy rehabilitation of cells and body.

852 Hz (Love Unconditional) - It is used to raise awareness and restore mental order. This frequency allows cells to transform into a higher energy system.

741 Hz (Intuition Awakening) - It is used for cleaning and removing toxins from our cells and organs. It can remove electromagnetic radiation from our cells.

7.83 Hz (Schumann frequency) - Healing enhancer. Healing of wounds, scars, bruises, trauma, fractures, surgery.

221.23 Hz - Beauty and Complexion

5000Hz, 880Hz, 787Hz, 72 Hz - Acne, white/blackheads, greasy skin, possible scars, eczema

425 Hz - Anti bacterial

9999 Hz - Vitality and Energy

135.08Hz, 188.29Hz, 110.96Hz - Rhythms of Life. Order: body, mind, spirit.