Facial oil and Hair oil
Facial oil and Hair oil
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Facial oil and Hair oil

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Ingredients: Rose quartz crystal, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Sweet almond oil, Organic Rosehip oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Grapeseed oil, Rose petals, Calendula Flower, Jasmine essential oil

🌿Cosmetic grade oils
🌿Plant based
🌿Safe for all skin types

Uses: Acne, Rashes, Scars, Burns, Eczema

Benefits for the skin:

If you’re ready for a major skin glow-up, it’s time to add the power of healing gems to your skincare routine. Crystals and energy work have long been tools of the trade for high-vibe beauty fans. If you want that glow and confident on your beauty game, use this crystal oil for glowing skin.

Rose quartz has long been known as the stone of self-love, so it’s no surprise that it’s associated with beauty and confidence. In the healing arts, rose quartz is believed to help boost circulation, which can lead to more oxygen in your skin for a healthier look. On a spiritual level, rose quartz is believed to help ease negativity, stress, and low self-esteem - all perfect for helping you shine inside and out.

Jojoba Oil
•Anti microbial, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria on your skin.
•Soothes dry skin.
•Contains Vitamin E and B complex helps in skin repair and damage control.
•Anti aging

Sweet Almond Oil
•Contain all sorts of natural goodness that includes vitamin E, A, essential fatty acids, protein, potassium and zinc.
•Reduces puffiness and under eye circles.
•Reduce stretch marks and scars.
•Improves complexion and skin tone.

Rosehip Oil
•Helps exfoliate and brightens your skin.
•Reduce dullness and leave you with glowing vibrant skin.
•Help boost collagen formation.
•Helps protect against sun damage or sunburn.
•Helps reduce scars and fine lines.

Avocado Oil
•Helps with eczema and psoriasis.
•Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.
•Contains high percentage of vitamin E, potassium, lecithin, oleic acid which can nourish and moisturizes your skin.

Grapeseed Oil
•Improves your skin's elasticity and softness.
•Rich in proanthocyanidin which helps even out skin tone.
•Heals hyperpigmentation of your skin.