Revolutionizing  Natural Skincare with Scalar Plasma Infusion

What is plasma?
Plasma, in the context of physics, is often referred to as the fourth state of matter, along with solid, liquid, and gas. It's essentially a superheated form of gas in which the atoms are ionized - meaning they have lost or gained electrons, creating free-moving ions and electrons within the plasma. This ionization gives plasma unique properties that allow it to conduct electricity and generate magnetic fields.

In terms of skincare, It does not mean that skincare products contain plasma in the physics sense. Instead, it's likely referring to technologies or processes that harness the energetic properties associated with plasma and the ions it contains, which are then used to enhance the effectiveness of skincare products. These could be technologies that generate negative ions or other energetic phenomena that are beneficial for skin health.

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Benefits of plasma on the skin:

TThrough harnessing the transformative energy of plasma, we're not just revolutionizing skincare, but we're also extending the reach of its benefits to enhance your overall well-being.

In scientific terms, plasma is a superheated, ionized gas. It's a powerhouse of energy that permeates our universe, lighting up the night sky with stars and powering the life-giving sun. Our brand taps into this celestial energy, but it's not just for the skin. The benefits of harnessing plasma are expansive and holistic.Plasma energy, particularly its negative ions, can potentially uplift your mood and energy levels, reduce stress, and even improve sleep quality. This is because negative ions are believed to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. They can also affect the serotonin levels in our brain, which regulate mood, stress, and sleep patterns.
In a world increasingly dominated by digital devices, plasma-infused products offer a natural antidote, neutralizing the positive ions emitted by our screens and devices that can contribute to feelings of lethargy and low mood.

The journey we offer is not limited to skincare alone. It's about an integrated, holistic experience. Our plasma-infused skincare line is an invitation to experience the fusion of nature and science, beauty and well-being. It's about radiant skin, balanced energy, and a harmonious connection with the universe's vibrant pulse.




528 Hz (Tranformation and Miracles)
It helps repair human DNA and keep it in the best condition. It can also lead to transformation and miracles of our life.

174 Hz - Removes pain physically and energetically.

417 Hz (Facilitating Change) - Eliminates negative energy from our body and promotes energy rehabilitation of cells and body.

852 Hz (Love Unconditional) - It is used to raise awareness and restore mental order. This frequency allows cells to transform into a higher energy system.

741 Hz (Intuition Awakening) - It is used for cleaning and removing toxins from our cells and organs. It can remove electromagnetic radiation from our cells.

7.83 Hz (Schumann frequency) - Healing enhancer. Healing of wounds, scars, bruises, trauma, fractures, surgery.

221.23 Hz - Beauty and Complexion

5000Hz, 880Hz, 787Hz, 72 Hz - Acne, white/blackheads, greasy skin, possible scars, eczema

425 Hz - Anti bacterial

9999 Hz - Vitality and Energy

135.08Hz, 188.29Hz, 110.96Hz - Rhythms of Life. Order: body, mind, spirit.