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Scalar Technology

What is Scalar Technology


Organic Natural Soaps

These soaps are made with 100% natural. No alcohol content, no synthetic fragrance and no coloring. Our fruit soaps are made with real fruits. They're all made with organic essential oils and infused with healing music while on the process of making.

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Body Scrubs

If you're looking for cleansing and wanting to have a healthy skin, no worries we got you!!! These body scrubs are detoxifying, cleansing and soothing. What's so special about these products is you can use it for facial mask as well! Isn't it awesome!


Hydrating Oils

These moisturizing oils are made with cosmetic grade oils. Organic cold pressed means they are good quality and gentle to the skin. It's good for all skin types. And not just that! you can use these oils for hair and massage oil.

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Aromatherapy Spray

This spray is made of moon charged water. Water that has been structured and charged under the moon light. Water has memory, scientist now are saying that you can changed the structure of water like playing music in the water or put good affirmations. Our spray has "I love you" word affirmations on it for healing and loving sensation when sprayed. Can be use for room spray, car spray and spray on the pillow for vivid dreams.

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Face and Body Butter

Conventional body care products can be overloaded with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or parabens, preservatives, microbeads, and other dubious ingredients. Our body butter has no chemical or synthetic ingredients added. Body Butter strengthens and tightens the skin’s protective outer layer to lock in moisture and protect against irritants. No matter what your skin type our product is incredibly nourishing and hydrating for your skin.

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