Scalar Frequencies in the Products, Healing Enhancer

Benefits of infusing scalar frequencies into products

Scalar frequencies in products are energy patterns that have been embedded into the product material. These energy patterns are believed to interact with the human body's energy field, promoting healing and wellbeing. Scalar frequencies are a form of energy that exists beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and can permeate matter and space.


Scalar frequencies can be found in a variety of products, including healing crystals, essential oils, and jewelry. They can also be applied to products through technology, such as scalar energy pendants and patches.


The use of scalar frequencies in products has been growing in popularity, as more people seek alternative healing methods that support the body's natural healing processes.

What are Scalar Frequencies in Products?

528 Hz  (Tranformation and Miracles) - It helps repair human DNA and keep it in the best condition. It can also lead to transformation and miracles of our life.

174 Hz - Removes pain physically and energetically.

417 Hz (Facilitating Change) - Eliminates negative energy from our body and promotes energy rehabilitation of cells and body.

852 Hz (Love Unconditional) - It is used to raise awareness and restore mental order. This frequency allows cells to transform into a higher energy system.

741 Hz (Intuition Awakening) - It is used for cleaning and removing toxins from our cells and organs. It can remove electromagnetic radiation from our cells.

7.83 Hz (Schumann frequency) - Healing enhancer. Healing of wounds, scars, bruises, trauma, fractures, surgery.

221.23 Hz - Beauty and Complexion

5000Hz, 880Hz, 787Hz, 72 Hz - Acne, white/blackheads, greasy skin, possible scars, eczema

425 Hz - Anti bacterial

9999 Hz - Vitality and Energy

135.08Hz, 188.29Hz, 110.96Hz - Rhythms of Life. Order: body, mind, spirit.